Week of 5/23-5/27

Monday- Vocab Work Day; Plotlines DUE and discussed with Ms. Casey

Tuesday- Short Story Work Day DUE: 4th Quarter Book Report

Wednesday- Short Story Work Day  DUE: Short Story to turnitin.com by MIDNIGHT

Thursday- Peer Review of Short Stories

Friday- Vocab 29 and 30 TEST DUE: Vocab Lessons 29 and 30

For Lessons 29 and 30 you can skip studying these bases:

Lesson 29

  • Arch- Begin; Be first ; Ruler
  • Nomen, Nomer- Name
  • Ver- True

Lesson 30

  • Ped- Child

Week of 5/16-5/20

Monday: “Most Dangerous Game”

Tuesday: “Most Dangerous Game”; Discuss the Short Story assignment

Wednesday: SRI Testing

Thursday: Poe Short Story

Friday: Awkward Question Day! DUE MONDAY: Plotline diagram for your Short Story

Week of 5/9-5/13

Monday: Short Story- “The Utterly Perfect Murder”

Tuesday: Short Story- “Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”

Wednesday: Short Story- “Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”

Thursday: Close Reader

Friday: Vocab 27 & 28 TEST DUE: Vocab 27 & 28


Week of 4/25 to 4/29

Sorry for the delay in the agenda! I spaced this on Monday!

Monday: Brainstorming for Essay

Tuesday: Essay Work Day

Wednesday: Essay Work Day DUE: Rough Draft tonight at midnight to turnitin.com

Thursday: Adverbs HOMEWORK: Adverb Worksheet; Vocab 26

Friday: Vocab 26 TEST DUE: Adverb Worksheet; Vocab 26

Week of April 11- April 15

Monday 4/11


HOMEWORK: 2 Worksheets (if gone, you need to get them from the classroom) DUE tomorrow

Tuesday 4/12

Class Discussion on Chapter 4-5

HOMEWORK: Read Chapters 6-7

Wednesday 4/13

Quiz on Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Pronouns


Discuss Chapters 6-7

HOMEWORK: Vocab Lesson 25 and TEST tomorrow


Review for Vocab 25

Vocab 25 TEST

HOMEWORK: Read Chapters 8-10

Quarter 4 Agenda

Instead of doing a monthly Calendar I will do weekly updates about what is going on each day in class. This will be posted on Monday of each week. Sorry for the delay this week! Spring Break set me back a couple of days! :)


Monday 4/4

– Read “Harrison  Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut

– Class discussion

Tuesday 4/5

– Continued class discussion

– Time allowed to read Animal Farm in class

HOMEWORK: Chapter 1 of Animal Farm DUE Tomorrow

Wednesday 4/6

– Notes taken on Animal Farm

– Discussion of Chapter 1

HOMEWORK: Chapter 2 and 3 for Friday

Thursday 4/7

– Notes taken on the 8 Parts of Speech (Eight Parts of Speech Powerpoint)

– Time given in class to complete Noun/Adjective/Action Verb worksheet (Worksheet is ONLY available in class, not in a digital format)

HOMEWORK: Noun/Adjective/Action Verb Worksheet DUE Tomorrow

Friday 4/8

– Discussion of Chapter 2 and 3

HOMEWORK: Chapter 4 and 5

3rd Quarter Grades

Hi Parents!

Today, the students wrote letters or emails home to you to discuss their 3rd quarter grades. Currently there are many that are not doing well and they will explain that in the email.


Feel free to contact me with any questions!

2nd Quarter Grade Concerns

As we are at the half way mark for 2nd Quarter, I thought I would take a moment to update you on the general concerns that I have for my classes.


As you all have been informed, the Semester grade is what counts towards graduation. Each teacher is unique in the weighting of their Semester grades but for the most part, teachers choose to weight the Quarter grades at 40% each for the Semester and then have their Semester Test be the other 20%. Currently, that is how each of my classes are made up.


Looking at the overall quarterly grades, there has been a huge drop in performance from 1st Quarter to 2nd Quarter. On average per assignment in each class, there is about a 50% submission rate. Meaning only 50% of students are turning their work in for every assignment that is given.


I encourage you to take a moment and look over your son or daughter’s grades to make sure that they are doing alright in all their classes, not just English.


If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me!

Halloween Activity

On the Friday before Halloween, each class wrote out “Horror” Stories one sentence at a time  (each student would contribute a sentence or more).

Here are the end products:

Period 1

As Forrest and Bubba walked towards the mall, they noticed something odd. When they got to the store, they were all out of rash cream that they needed. Forrest started freaking out because he thought it was such a big deal but Bubba tried to calm him down.

As they neared JCPenny, they saw a mannequin. Forrest and Bubba walked past the mannequin and it watched them as they walked past it. They didn’t think much about it at the time but they shall find out.

As they continued on to get their shrimp groceries, they found little baby, rash cream footprints.

Suddenly the power went out. Then they heard something running by them. The smell of rash cream quickly filled the air. As they smelled the rash cream, they ran for the door and it was locked. Then Bubba realized that the mannequin that was staring at them was gone.

As the lights flickered back on, they looked into the distance and saw a little child’s shadow looking at them with its red eyes. They look around and every shelf and sign now is covered in rash cream.

Laying in the center of the department store on a crusty bed of rash cream was Lt. Dan with a bloody ax in his hand. Lt. Dan started crawling towards them. Bubba and Forrest sat and watched as they knew they had time. Forrest turned around and saw the child walking towards them with a glistening red gash from the ax. This child was no ordinary child; it was the child of Forrest.

As they turned around, Lt. Dan was gone and the child ran. Forrest and Bubba went to look for another way out of the mall. They ran into Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and saw stacks and stacks of rash cream. The shelves began to collapse. They fell down.

As they were laying there, they noticed that Little Baby Forrest was crawling on the ceiling with shrimp hanging out of his mouth. As the shelves with the rash cream fell, they burst open with blood and the walls started bleeding. And then, out of no where, Lt. Dan appeared with legs made of rash cream. As they saw what was happening, they tried to leave but the security cages closed and trapped them. Baby Forrest lunged and they screamed.

Lt. Dan wakes up in a hospital bed drenched in sweat. Thinking that it was all a bad dream, he looks around and saw tubes of empty rash cream……


Period 4

Pedro and Napoleon were driving in the woods. They pull over and get out their bike and roller skates. They go off a huge jump and get hurt. They try to get help but there’s no gas in the car.

Napoleon and Pedro start limping into the woods because they see lights. As they approached the light that assumed was help, they noticed it wasn’t. What they saw were two men with a lantern and an ax. Napoleon and Pedro ask for their names.

They replied, “Pierce and Devin.”

Napoleon and Pedro killed them. Pedro stole their ax.

A chill passes through Pedro’s body. Pierce and Devin’s spirits follow them deeper into the woods. Soon they are lost in the woods. Devin pulls out his cat and he tail-whips Pedro in the face.

Suddenly Napoleon sees their car driving towards them and gets smoked by it. Yet he lives. The car crashes. Napoleon realizes that it is Pedro driving the car. Pierce jumps out of the woods. Pierce sees if Napoleon is ok.

Then all of a sudden, Pedro takes out his magical wand. And then he puts it away. Devin yells at Pierce because he feels bad for what happened to Napoleon.

All of a sudden, BOOM!

They all realize that it was his wand exploding. Devin walked over to Pierce to make sure he was okay and kissed him on the cheek.

And then Napoleon woke up. Only to realize that he was in Pierce’s body. A creepy, little doll comes out of the woods and starts chewing on Pedro. Then Napoleon hit the doll with a piece of a broken wand. And then Pierce leaves the woods.


Period 5

It was a dark and stormy night. It was a dead winter. Sam and Dean were going on a perilous journey to the hospital. It wasn’t any ordinary hospital; it was abandoned. Many reports say that strange things have happened here.

As Sam and Dean drew close to the hospital, they hear the shrieks of many children. Sam looked at Dean unsure. As Sam was looking at Dean, they heard something rustling in the bushes nearby. They saw a silhouette of a woman crying near the hospital. Along with glowing coming from the windows, which was unusual for an abandoned hospital, a face appeared through the windows. The face was cut open in the middle and you could see the brains and blood of her stillborn baby coming through her face.

They desperately needed supplies so they had to go in.

Sam couldn’t help but glare at the woman as her blood trickled from the cut down to her arm. At that very moment, Sam trips and hits his face on a rock. As Sam looked up, he saw that the woman was no longer crying.

Dean quickly helped Sam up, slapped him on the back of the head and hissed at him, “What’s up with you man?! You are usually good at this stuff!?”

On the side of the hospital, it says “#PUTIN”.

All of a sudden they hear a shatter of glass and a body hits the floor. They head into the room where the noise was coming from. They were looking for any signs of the woman that had disappeared after the body hit floor.

All of sudden the woman was behind them and said that they had better get out otherwise she will slaughter them.

Sam and Dean ran away only to find that they are trapped.

They hear whispers coming from the walls that are screeching, “I brought you into this world… I will take you out….

The woman that threatened them looked familiar. As Sam and Dean looked around they realized that they were surrounded by ghost mamas. They noticed that the ghost mothers were not coming any closer.

They just stared blankly at them and asked, “Have you seen my baby?”

Just as they asked, a door to their right had opened and every other door had shut. Sam and Dean, noticing that they had no other way out, they headed for the open door.

Then they hear a voice, clearer than before, say, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

They turned on the lights to find an autopsy room with a ghost family dancing to Hungarian dance #5.

“Why are you dancing?” they asked the family.

“Because we have two new people to eat today.”

Suddenly, all the lights shut off and screams of horrors echoed throughout the hospital. The music stopped. They left the room again. The END.


Period 6

In the dead of night at 1:32 AM on November 2nd 2015, Morgan Freeman and Hugh Jackman were in a windowless, gas station bathroom. The bathroom was very dirty and moist. They were both stuck in the stall. A fire started from a gas leak and burnt Morgan’s leg off. Unfortunately the gas caused Morgan to lose his voice.

Then Morgan started scratching at the concrete walls and his fingernails fell off. And then a magic pig appeared and started to eat the flesh off of Hugh Jackman.

Morgan saw Hugh getting eaten and faked a laugh at him.

But then Hugh realized that Morgan was the pig. Hugh broke out of the stall. Hugh realized that he was tripping out. A fellow citizen walked into the bathroom and saw Hugh attempting to get out of the bathroom by digging a hole in the floor with a spoon. The citizen tried to get Hugh to stop.

Hugh stood up and said, “It’s getting moister than an oyster.”

Suddenly, all of the toilets started overflowing at the same time that Morgan Freeman got a text from his wife saying she wanted a divorce. Then Morgan thought it was the best day ever.

All of a sudden someone joined the party. Hugh Jackman had woke up from the bad dream and looked over at Morgan, noticing that his eyelids were cut off and his mouth sewn shut. Morgan REAAAALY needed to pee; and when he went to the toilet there were a bunch of fish in the bowl. Morgan couldn’t see so he tripped and fell face first into the bowl. When he tripped fell, the toilet bowl hit his head and knocked him out. He then woke up with Bob Marley right beside him. Bob stood up and told him, “Nah Man… You’re tripping.”


Period 7

Once upon a time, there was a house in the woods. Jack woke up in the dark room. He left his window open during the night and a bunch of thick fog rolled in. But the fog was too dark. It wasn’t just normal fog. It was acidic fog. Jack sprang out of his bed, threw on pants and went out the door.

Jill had wondered where he went. She had gone to his house in the woods only to find him gone. But the fog started to melt her eyeballs. So she ran into the middle of the woods, wailing in pain. The fog followed her into the darkness. She ran into Jack.

Jack and Jill stumbled down a nearby hill. When they lifted their heads up, mutant creatures put bags over their heads. They were thrown into the trunk of a car. The mutants then filled the trunk of the car with water.

The creatures started driving down the highway and then wrecked the car, creating a crack in the trunk. As the crack grew, they were able to kick the trunk open. Jack and Jill saw the mutants dead in the driver seat because the fog had melted them. The fog was destroying everything behind the car. They then wandered around in the darkness, trying to avoid the fog. They kept running from the fog.

But then the fog started thinning and flowing towards a dark figure. The dark figure turned out to be another hill. Jack and Jill ran up the hill. The fog then started to melt them. They found an empty well, with no other well in sight. Jack fell down the well. He landed on a pile of dead bodies…….